Monday, December 6, 2010

Best CANSLIM Website

Many of my readers ask me, what is the best CANSLIM website. To me, that's an easy question. While there are many websites that talk about CANSLIM, the best by far is You'll find all the tools you need to make money in the stock market right on that website. Now there are some websites that will help you implement the CANSLIM strategy and you can definitely learn from them, the IBD is the expert. Here are my reasons why it is the best.

  1. William O'Neil founded it. He developed the CANSLIM strategy and developed the paper in such a way to help you practice what he preaches.
  2. Stock screens. Each and every screen in the IBD is setup to bring the best CANSLIM stocks to the surface. Get to know them as well as learning how to determine the overall market direction.
  3. The help section. The help section of the website provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about CANSLIM. You can learn a lot from reading these help files.
  4. IBD TV. There are numerous videos that you can watch to help you learn how to make money in stocks.

Don't overlook the value of learning from the master of your investment strategy. For CANSLIM investors, that master is O'Neil. If you want to make money in stocks, start applying what he teaches.
  • Pick up a copy of How To Make Money In Stocks.
  • Read it from cover to cover. Read it again and again.
  • Also pick up a copy of The Successful Investor, it lays it out in a simpler format.
  • Subscribe to the Investor's Business Daily and study it every day.
  • Start using a stock simulator and buying stocks you find.
  • Watch how they perform and learn from mistakes you make.
  • Fine tune your buy points by focusing on one chart pattern. Don't try to master all patterns at once.
  • Move to real cash as it's the best teacher.
  • Learn from your mistakes. You'll discover that finding canslim stocks to buy is the easy part. Buying them at the right time is the hard part.

Those are some tips I have for you regarding your stock market investing program. Good luck!

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