About Stock Market Investing Today

Hello, my name is Ty Coon. I'm a seven-year old who is interested in stock market investing. With the help of my dad, we started Stock Market Investing Today to talk about investing in the stock market.
What a year to get started in the stock market too. As we write this (April 2009) I've been amazed to learn that alot of people lost a lot money in the market over the past year or so. I guess that means I picked the perfect time to get started in investing because my dad says that everything is on sale now..lol.
My dad has worked for banks and insurance companies for the past 24 years helping people with their finances and he wants me to learn about investing at an early age so I can take advantage of compound interest. He says that by starting now, it will be a lot easier to grow my money because since I am well, seven years old, I get a tax break. Not to mention that  that I don't have to pay rent (at least my dad doesn't charge me so far) or anything like that it's alot easier to save money.
Anyway, this site is dedicated to helping you learn about and invest in the stock market. Here we follow along with the investment decisions that my dad and I make. If you have any questions not answered in Stock Market Investing Today please email us me at tycoon@stockmarketinvestingtoday.com.